Translational Engineering

Translational Engineering is an emerging new discipline which holds its place between research and practice of all branches of engineering, translating between the abstractions of research and the realism of practice. The discipline will help translate the problems and concerns of practice into clear need-based statements that can drive researchers to develop new insights. It is an approach applicable to each branch of Engineering, retaining the nature and scope of the respective branch of Engineering, bringing in an additional multi-disciplinary aspect.

The gap between research and practice in all areas of engineering is widening at an alarming rate and calls for urgent attention. Translational Engineering is a niche area that focuses on extending technology to the society in a seamless and humanistic manner. It is an emerging discipline, which holds its place between research and practice of all branches of Engineering, translating between the abstractions of research and practice. It has been recognized that the involvement of government departments/industry in the discussions and mentoring of research institutions can help to orient research and education activities towards the needs of society, bring expertise to support knowledge transfer initiatives, and signal willingness to introduce innovation-oriented approaches in all activities. The professionals working on such knowledge transfer must possess a wide range of skills in order to carry out their tasks effectively and they have to prove themselves to be responsible engineers with a strong social commitment coupled with ethical values. The pedagogy at TPLC will focus on developing skills for young engineers to respond to uncertain situations, adaptiveness in multicultural global environments and ability to innovatively leverage the opportunities with fast changing technologies. TPLC endeavoursto mould students in such a way that they are able to operate effectively in an environment of change and be an active participant in all the sectors of the economy.


  • Need for Translational Professionals world-wide to reduce the growing gap between research and practice
  • Technical knowledge combined with managerial and life-skills essential
  • Engineers to be moulded as socially commited professionals
  • Globally competent professionals moulded through interactions with International Universities
  • Identification and working on real life projects requiring application of Translational Engineering
  • Growing demand for a programme specifically designed for working professionals