About TPLC

Translational research and Professional Leadership Center (TPLC) is a promising research center, started in collaboration with Columbia University, New York , University of Montreal, Canada & IITM, Chennai ,  which focus on promoting Programmes which focus on bridging the gap between Research & Practice. The gap between Research & Practice in all areas of engineering is increasing at an alarming rate and it calls for urgent attention from our side. TPLC  started functioning in the year 2013 with its office atGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill, located at the centre of Trivandrum city .

The major maiden Programme of TPLC is the  Interdisciplinary M.Tech programme in Translational Engineering,with special emphasis on Social Responsibility, aiming at  moulding Engineers to step forward to become responsible engineers beneficial for the society as well as for the nation. The other programmes proposed are Traning Programmes for practicing Engineers, Motivational Programmes for MTech students, Community level Programmes etc

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