Self-Awareness is the greatest agent for change. It helps us to proactively watch ourselves from our higher self and when this happens, we are forced to make positive changes. Integral Education helps a student to integrate with his true self, his Country & humanity, ie, to become the complete integrate being, that he is meant to be.

Traditionally, ‘teacher-training’ programmes focus on making the teacher-learning process more interesting and effective through various techniques. The higher goals of education include developing multiple parts of our being, not just cognitive intelligence, but also the physical, life force, emotion and deeper self.

Hence, a 4-Day Program ‘Self-awareness & Integral Education, SAIE 2015” has been proposed by TPLC and conducted from 24-27th November, 2015. The resource persons for the program include

  1. Prof. Devdas Menon, IIT Madras
  2. Mr.Manoj Pavitran, Auroville
  3. Mr.ArulDev, Telos(also guest faculty, IIT Madras)

Objectives of the Programme:

  • Discuss the multiple dimensions of intelligence and the higher goals of education.
  • Examine the merits and demerits of conven-tional education.
  • Explore the role of inner development and its connection to education.
  • Examine how the higher goals may be accessed within the scope of a conventional education.
  • Show the importance of the role of the teacher in enabling this process and in inspiring students and colleagues.
  • Explore perfection in work based on teachings from ancient Indian wisdom.
  • Finding and connecting to Inner Guide that directs one’s evolution.


The program was inaugurated by Dr. K Vijaya Kumar.   He stressed the importance of conducting such programmes.The chief Guest and audience were welcomed by Dr. B.Anil, Principal, GECBH, Programme Co-ordinator briefed abouth the program schedule. The chief guest for the valedictory function was Dr. Kuncheria P Isaac, VC, Kerala Technological University. About 46 participants attended the training program. And the program was a great success. Feedback from all participants was encouraging.