Flood Management

Sustainable and effective management of water resources demands a holistic approach, linking social and economic development with the protection of natural ecosystems and providing appropriate management links between land and water uses. Therefore, water related disasters, such as floods and droughts, because they play an important part in determining sustainable development, need to be integrated into water resources management.


Karumkulam Gramapanchayat

Karumkulam Grama Panchayat is one of the four gramapanchayats under Athiyannoor block in Thiruvananthapuram district. It has an area of 4.56 Sq. Km consisting of 18 wards of which 11 are along the coastal line. The total population of the Block as per 2011 census is 27481 of which 13506 are male and 13975 are female. The literacy rate of this block is 79.02 %. Physiographically the Block consists of low coastal areas and sloping midlands. Fishing is the primary occupation followed by agriculture. The project area lies at a longitude of 77.040 and latitude 8.330. It is bounded by Karichal lake in the North, Poovar GP in the South, Kanjiramkulam & Thirupuram GP in the East and Arabian Sea in the West.

Prevailing issues

The issues prevailing in the panchayat are

  • Inadequacy of potable water
  • Insufficiency of natural water sources
  • Improper water management practices – wastage of runoff
  • Sanitation issues
    • Vector breeding habitats
    • Open disposal of wastes
    • Water logging at coastal areas during rains and high tide
  • Uneventful Kudumbasree units
    • Inactive women self-help groups
  • Un coordinated rural employment schemes
  • Socio economic and educational backwardness
  • Lack of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure

Objective of the study

The goal is to provide adequate flood risk management measures that are technically feasible and financially prudent for the safety of the community. Different objectives includes,

  • Examine various alternatives for reducing floods risks and damages primarily from storm surge.
  • Minimize risk to the community.
  • Minimize environmental impacts.

Need for study

The 11 wards that form the coastal belt of the panchayat are subjected to frequent floods during the rains. This often leads to spread of water borne communicable diseases mainly cholera. This region is packed with houses closely with drains running between them. During rains, the drains gets filled and overflows resulting in a very unhygienic surrounding. Property damage is a major concern in the floods. Also, lack of proper management leads to wastage of government funds, which are used to pump out the flood water.

Benefit of the study

The hardships of the community could be ended by bringing into effect a proper flood management system, which will provide a sustainable, technically and financially feasible solution.

Done by:


M.Tech Translational Engineering, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Trivandrum District, Kerala, India.

Guided By:

Dr. Suja R