The Information and Communication Technologies play an important role in rural development. A web portal which facilitates the convergence of information from diverse sources in a uniform manner, plays a primal role in IT enablement in panchayats. The development of a comprehensive web portal accelerates e-governance at the local government to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability for Government-Citizen interface.

Karumkulam Grama Panchayat is one of the four Gramapanchayat under Athiyannoor block in Thiruvananthapuram district. It is Asia’s most densely populated panchayat consisting of an area of 4.56 Sq. Km, with 18 wards of which 11 are along the coastal line. The total population of the Block as per 2011 census is 27481 of which 13506 are male and 13975 are female. The issues prevailing in the panchayat are

  • Inadequacy of potable water
  • Health and sanitation issues
    • Vector breeding habitats
    • Open disposal of wastes
    • Water logging at coastal areas during rains and high tide
  • Uneventful Kudumbasree units and rural employment schemes
  • Socio economic and educational backwardness
  • Lack of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure.

Need for the study

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools play a major role in the social, economic, administrative and governance regeneration in local government. A panchayat portal (e-Panchayat) is a web-based and n-tiered system and functions like an Application Service Provider enabling digital services for all stakeholders namely citizens, elected representatives, gram panchayat officials, the governments and the knowledge workers. Since one of the primal issues in the panchayat is the backwardness in IT centric services, design of such a comprehensive web portal would clear the way for a digitally empowered Karumkulam Panchayat.

Objective of study

The objective of the study is to create a Web “supersite” that integrates a variety of services such as web search, panchayat news, services and facilitates this data and information in public domain.

Benefit of the study

The paramount advantage of this comprehensive, dynamic and integrated digital platform for Karumkulam panchayat is that it accords a single window approach for all panchayat related attributes and services in the field of demography, society, culture, geography, history, economy etc.

Done by:

Parvathy Mukesh K

III Semester, M.Tech Translational Engineering, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Trivandrum District, Kerala, India.
Guided By:

  • Dr Suja R
  • Prof Balu John