Translational Research in Engineering

Generate a Socially Committed Network of Engineers leading to a Value based Profession.
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Engineering for a Changing World

Understand Human Psychology and Decision making Processes
A Closer Look

Nurturing Leadership

Leadership skills that are rooted in faith, justice and ethics with a global perspective.

Centre of Excellence

Generate a Socially Committed Network of Engineers.

Generate Electricity

Generate electricity via alternative sources.

Power our Transportation

Power our Transportation with fuels that emit less carbon.

Plan Communities

Plan communities and transportation systems to foster energy-efficient mobility.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint of the infrastructure systems that make our growing societies possible.

Climate Changes

Learn how climate change influences and, ultimately, shifts how we produce and distribute energy.

Monitor and Model

Monitor and model global water, energy and greenhouse gas cycles.

Excellence in Translational Engineering Research

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Need for TPLC

The Road to Global Excellency is always through solving concrete regional problems initially.


To provide students with in-depth research experience alongside international experts in their field of investigation.


To produce a diverse group of future leaders who are able to translate research into practice.


To approach engineering work with a greater understanding of what it takes to move a technological advance from the laboratory to society.

Core Features


Plan for and build infrastructure in rapidly developing areas


For our future communities while balancing the needs of urban and rural areas


The impact of climate change on the interactions between energy, water and land systems in order to mitigate the effects on human society.


New ways of understanding our built environment and how it interfaces with the natural world.


Future scenarios for city and regional infrastructure development.


People to make real-time decisions in economic development, transportation, energy-use, construction and beyond.

Need for TPLC

TPLC will pave way to create space in current academic programs for inter-disciplinary development engineering and allow for evolvement of cross-disciplinary faculty, needed very much for the present society.
Our Work

Our Focus

With the support of Government, TPLC is moving forward to become a Centre of Excellence in Translational Engineering Research.



Clean air and water.



To a changing climate.



Water, energy and land resources.


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